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In addition to receiving tremendous financial support from Parkinson's Foundation for bringing our Moving to Live program into fruition, we also strongly encourage you to check out the vast wealth of information available on their website. 


for the Newly Diagnosed

Understanding Parkinson's

Preventative Care: Diet, Exercise, and Alternative Therapies

Caregiver Support



(800) 4PD-INFO



American Parkinson's Disease Association

  • Download the Parkinson's Handbook to learn all the basics and how to live a better life in spite of the disease.


Get Your Free Aware in Care Kit

The Parkinson's Foundation offers a great kit that includes tools and information that will help people with Parkinson's and their families plan for the next hospital stay. If you order through their website, they'll charge a shipping fee of $8. However, Parkinson's Families has some on hand and if it's possible, we'll gladly arrange to deliver it for free. Or, you can pick it up at your first Moving to Live group session or therapy class. Simply email to request a kit.


Ten Early Signs

Be aware of common symptoms that may indicate onset of Parkinson's. Of course, no single symptom exhibited alone means you should be concerned, but if you have more than one sign, you should consider making an appointment to see your doctor. See the ten early signs of Parkinson's Disease here.


Tips and Interviews on Living with Parkinson's

We've discovered a helpful blog called Parkinson's Secrets that shares tips on living with PD and personal interviews. There are also advertisements for helpful books you can purchase. Check that out here.


Sleep & PD

Many people with PD have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Learn why and find out how you can get a better night's sleep by downloading a free guide now.


Deep Brain Stimulation

Learn all about Deep Brain Stimulation treatments here.


Music and Art Therapy

Research indicates multidisciplinary approaches to PD care can have a profound impact preventative care. Tapping into movements and actions that aren't used every day can encourage the body and brain to realign and recalibrate for a better quality of life.​

The Moving to Live program offers monthly opportunities to take part in Music Therapy and Art Therapy. Learn about our free classes here:


Preparing for Your Role as Caregiver has a comprehensive explanation about your role as caregiver.


Join our Moving to Live Support Groups

  • Firstly, we encourage you to join Coffee and Conversation every Wednesday at The Movement Connection. See details here.

  • You'll also want to pop in once per month when we meet for an hour at Pioneer Memorial Library. Information about these meetings can be found here.

  • And lastly, whenever there's a 5th Thursday of the month, you'll want to attend our special support group meetings where we invite special speakers to give a presentation. Check that out here.


Parkinson's Foundation Links


Davis Phinney Foundation For Parkinson's

  • We especially enjoy watching the series of webinars shared on this side. Each month, live webinars cover topics critical to helping people live well with Parkinson's. Additionally, you'll find an extensive library of recordings. Check them out here.


What is Parkinson's?


Stages of Parkinson's

As you progress into the disease, you'll find that your symptoms will change over time. This is normal. It's typical that a person's progression be defined in stages. Learn more about it here.


Diet and Nutrition

Maintaining an overall good health is the best way to delay further onsets of Parkinson's Disease and combat many common symptoms of the disease. Of course, we always recommend you visit with your doctor before altering your diet or fitness exercises.

January 26, 2021, article on called, "Healthy Eating Could Delay Onset of Parkinson's Disease"

Maintain optimal health by following guidelines about diet and nutrition from Parkinson's Foundation.

Download a free fact sheet about diet and nutrition that will help you manage PD.


Physical Therapy

  • Once per month, the Moving to Live program offers a free opportunity to explore LSVT BIG - or the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment physical therapy program. Instructed by Dr. Tiffany Flieg, we welcome you attend class during the first Thursday of every month. Learn more about the class here.

  • Learn more about LSVT BIG Treatment here.


Fitness Therapy

  • Every Wednesday morning, the Moving to Live program offers a free opportunity to explore PWR! Moves-- Parkinson Wellness Recovery exercises with certified instructor Brenda Mazanec at The Movement Connection. The exercise program reinforces dopamine circuits to help people with PD get better and stay better. Learn more about the class here.

  • Learn more about the PWR! Moves program here.


Mental Wellness for Parkinson's Care Partners

  • Watch the webinar from Davis Phinney Foundation here.


Caring and Coping

The Parkinson's Foundation has a great "Caring and Coping: A Care Partner's Guide to Parkinson's Disease" that we encourage you to check out. Whether PD is new to your loved one or you have been living with the disease for a long time, you have the right to make the care partnership as productive as possible. This guide helps with stress and conflict, emotional needs, financial burdens and more.

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