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The First Step to a Better You. Schedule Your Physical Intake Screening Assessment Before Attending Any Moving to Live Class.


Thanks to a grant award from Parkinson's Foundation, Parkinson's Families of Northwest Kansas is excited to offer PD programming, therapy opportunities and group support sessions at no cost to people in Northwest Kansas suffering from Parkinson's Disease. Additionally, we strongly encourage caregivers to attend, as well, to learn new skills that can be done at home, and to assist with physical and fitness therapy as needed. 

Schedule Your Assessment Now

However, before you can attend any Moving to Live class, you must complete a Physical Intake Screening Assessment. To schedule your screening, please contact The Movement Connection owner, Brenda Mazanec, at (785) 443-4010 directly.

Scroll to learn more about the Physical Intake Screening Assessment.

About the
Physical Intake Screening Assessment

The intake screening consists of some registration paperwork for both the Moving to Live program and to attend classes at The Movement Connection. Additionally, The Movement Connection owner, Brenda Mazanec, will provide orientation, a tour of her facility, and conduct a physical analysis that determines a participant's individual physical baseline. Baselines help Brenda plan out PWR! Moves fitness classes based on abilities and Parkinson progression.

The physical assessment will evaluate your ability to:

  • Walk 500 feet on pavement using assistive devices if necessary.

  • Get in and out of a chair with cueing and minimal physical assistance.

  • Understand and perform simple, sing-task instructions.

  • Independent mobility on all surfaces.

  • 15 minutes of cardio.

  • Perform backward walking over ground without assistance, cueing or pain.

  • Get in and out of chair alone in 2 to 3 attempts or with increased height.

  • Transfer from standing to the ground with use of a chair and/or another person's assistance.

  • Timed sitting to standing five times consecutively.

  • Timed standing to floor.

  • Timed Up and Go Test: "When I say begin, stand up and walk at a comfortable speed to the line (3 meters from chair), turn, and walk back tot he chair.

  • Timed and Measured 2 Minute Walk Test: "While walking at a comfortable pace, cover as much distance as you can in two minutes."

  • Timed 3-Meter Backward Walk Test: "With heels on the line, walk backward until you pass the line behind you, 12 feet away."

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