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Genetic Testing

Why should people with Parkinson's consider genetic testing?

Parkinson's Foundation explains that for people with Parkinson's, genetic testing can uncover gene changes linked to the disease, which helps with research, finding a cure, and knowing if you are a carrier. By better understanding how people with genetic forms of Parkinson's experience symptoms related to the disease and respond to treatment, scientists can begin to develop improved treatments.

Whether you want to better understand why you developed Parkinson's, or if you want to learn about potential risks to family, Parkinson's Families of Northwest Kansas strongly encourages you to at least learn about genetic testing to find out if it's right for you.

Scroll to learn more or follow the link to Parkinson's Foundation's PD GENEration page.

Join the Parkinson Foundation's PD GENEration
Genetic Testing Study

The Parkinson Foundation is working to map the future of Parkinson's Disease with a genetic testing study. Their goal is to include 150,000 people from all over the world, and Parkinson's Families of Northwest Kansas strongly encourages you to consider it, too. The genetic testing is available for people diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease for free. During the study, they'll test you for seven Parkinson's related genes and you'll have the opportunity to meet with a genetic counselor to review and discuss your test results. Additionally, people who are found to have genetic mutations can be connected with other clinical trials to help find new treatments.

Be a part of progress.

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