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This course can no longer be booked.

PD Exercise with Dr. Tiffany Flieg

Overcome the onset of physical limitations brought on by PD.

  • Ended
  • Pioneer Memorial Library, 375 W. 3rd, Colby

Service Description

PD Exercise with Dr. Tiffany Flieg Every First Friday at 10 a.m. Pioneer Memorial Library, Colby To attend this free class, you must first complete a required physical intake assessment with Brenda Mazanec at The Movement Connection. The intake assessment is free and helps us establish a baseline for classes. Once you are ready to attend class, please either call or text Elaine Ptacek or email Crystal Berg at to reserve your spot. Please remember space is limited, so if you are not able to attend class, please be sure to cancel your reservation as soon as possible. As you are likely already aware, people living with PD oftentimes move with slower or smaller gestures or actions. By training your body to improve movements, Physical Therapist, Dr. Tiffany Flieg will help you learn how to use your body more normally by merging specialized exercises with an evidence-based program called the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) BIG. LSVT sessions are specialized for patients of Parkinson's Disease and are backed by scientific protocols and research studied over the past 25 years and which resulted in improvements in the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (the "gold standard" scale which doctors use to measure the progression of PD) as well as other tests of motor functioning in people with PD. Typically, LSVT sessions are one-on-one sessions lasting an hour, four times per week. Through our free Moving to Live program, you'll get a taste of LSVT, coupled with specialized exercises and insight from Dr. Flieg. After taking Parkinson's Families' Free Physical Therapy Classes, you'll notice a marked difference in small motor tasks, like buttoning a shirt, and large motor tasks, like getting up from the sofa.

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